To date we have bred 18 litters of together 119 puppies.

We bred 62 dogs of which 31 slate, 19 brown, 8 blue and 4 fawn

We bred 57 bitches of which 46 slate, 4 brown, 5 blue and 2 fawn


litter d.o.b. sire dam
1 12 May 2004 Liam (Babbacombe Chequers) Cippy (Pluuster Bear's Chicken Tonight)
2 29 Dec. 2004 Jacko (Ch. Bendale That's My Boy) Maggie (Full of the Dickens Broadway Baby)
3 9 May 2006 Dexter (Pluuster Bear's Dreaming Dexter) Maggie (Full of the Dickens Broadway Baby)
4 26 Sept. 2007 Ringo (Ch. Charncroft Cool Touch) Maggie (Full of the Dickens Broadway Baby)
5 4 Oct. 2007 Elmo (Ch. Braemoor's Bruce Almighty) Cippy (Pluuster Bear's Chicken Tonight)
6 27 Feb. 2009 Marco (Ch. Bushblades Transaction JW ShCM) Maggie (Full of the Dickens Broadway Baby)
7 22 July 2009 Elmo (Ch. Braemoor's Bruce Almighty) Nenya (MultiCh. Babbacombe Beyoncé)
8 6 May 2010 Jarod (MultiCh. Babbacombe Olympic Bonfire) Izzie (DtJgCh Braemoor's Sugar Syrup)
9 27 June 2010 Steven (Ch. Braemoor's Firecracker) Joanne (Ch. Bushblades Ready to Rejoice)
10 10 Apr. 2011 James (MultiCh. Braemoor's Mastermind) Nenya (MultiCh. Babbacombe Beyoncé)
11 24 Dec. 2012 Jelli (Ch. Highglade Arch Angel) Jenna (Braemoor's Ready Made)
12 26 Oct. 2013 Oscar (Ch. Potterdale Persistant) Izzie (DtJgCh Braemoor's Sugar Syrup)
13 26 Feb. 2014 Scott (MultiCh. Ramsgrove Borkason) Joanne (Ch. Bushblades Ready to Rejoice)
14 30 Apr. 2015 Bertie (Paleeda Pizazz) Halo (Braemoor's Rising Sun)
15 3 July 2015 Jarod (MultiCh. Babbacombe Olympic Bonfire) Jenna (Braemoor's Ready Made)
16 29 Sept. 2015 Dodger (Ch. Dazzling Dodger of Debora's Farm) Joanne (Ch. Bushblades Ready to Rejoice)
17 23 Dec. 2016 Jaqen (Ch. Braemoor's Boundless Joy) Seren (Ch. Braemoor's Beyond the Stars)
18 27 Dec. 2016 Florian (MultiCh. Farmarens Florian Prinzkrona) Fenne (Ch. Braemoor's Simply an Angel)


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