Litter 12
26 October 2013


Oscar (Ch. Potterdale Persistant) x Izzie (Braemoor's Sugar Syrup)

5 puppies: 3 dogs (2 slate, 1 blue) and 2 bitches (1 slate, 1 blue)


Ch. Potterdale Persistant
HD: A/ CEA Clear
Drummanor Morlot From Dajue

HD: 0:0

MultiCh. Sammara Standing Ovation              HD: 5:5
IrCh Dajue Cleo's Theme
Potterdale Phoebe

HD: 5:4

Ch. Potterdale Prophet   HD: 5:6
Ch. Potterdale Platinum   HD: 5:5
DtJgCh. Braemoor's Sugar Syrup
HD:A/ CEA Clear
Ch. Charncroft Cool Touch

HD: Tc

Ch. Sammara Soft Touch  HD: 1:5
Babbacombe Chloe at Charncroft
Full of the Dickens Broadway Baby

HD: A/CEA Clear

Ch. Seagull To Be Or Not To Be
Ghostbusters Gentle Star    HD:A 


All puppies got a pedigree name with the word "Turn", the names of the puppies are the following:

Braemoor's Comic Turn 'Izzy' blue bitch
Braemoor's Turn of Fortune 'Dex' slate dog
Braemoor's Twist and Turn 'Angel' slate bitch
Braemoor's Turning Tide 'Sofus' blue dog
Braemoor's Turn up Trumps 'Beertje' slate dog

Angel, Dex, Beertje, Sofus & Izzy


Sofus & Angel


Beertje, Angel & Dex


visiting Scott (litter 11)


visiting Scott (litter 11)


Angel & Izzy


Angel, Dex & Izzy




Angel, Beertje, Izzy, Sofus & Dex