Stud Dogs





The dogs below are at stud for suitable bitches. They are healthy, happy dogs that are a joy to live with and all have had successes in the show ring

For more information and/ or inquiries you can contact us by email or call +31 (0) 591 549731


MultiCh. Babbacombe Olympic Bonfire


born: 17 August 2004   colour: slate&white

HD:A/ eyes:clear (2011)/ CEA:C/ DNA profiled

Jarod can sire puppies in slate & brown


August 11, 2007: almost 3 years

Ch. Braemoor's Firecracker


born: 26 September 2007   colour: slate&white

HD:A     CEA:C     DNA profiled

Steven has so far produced slate&white puppies


June 26, 2011: 3 year and 9 months old

MultiCh. Braemoor's Mastermind


born: 27 February 2009      colour: blue & white

HD:A/ CEA:HC/ DNA profiled/ eyes: clear (2011)

James can sire puppies in all 4 colours


Braemoor's Cliffhanger at Bushblades


born: 06 May 2010      colour: slate & white

HD:3:5     CEA:C     eyes: clear

Cliff can give puppies in all 4 colours

Cliff is owned & loved by Peter & Yvonne Fox (Bushblades, UK)


August 11, 2012

Ch. Braemoor's Boundless Joy


born: 26 February 2014      colour: slate & white

HD:A     CEA:C    DNA profiled



Braemoor's Spitfire


born: 3 July 2015      colour: brown & white

HD:B      CEA:HC     DNA profiled

Jeffrey is owned & loved by Camilla Karlsson (Fjällglimtens, Sweden)


Braemoor's Born to Party AJCH, CZJCH


born: 29 Sept. 2015     colour: slate & white

HD:B/A     ED:0/0     CEA: C     DNA profiled

George is owned & loved by Dagmar Netolická (Bohemia Dagnet, Czech)




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