Iris Les D'or Montagnes

1992 ~ 1995

We got Sandra after our Dobermann, Arwen, died. Sandra was 2 years when we got her and from what we pieced together later we were her 4th owners. At least some of her previous owners rehomed her because of agressive behaviour, we learned this by coincidence years after we had her put to sleep.

Quite soon after we got Sandra we discovered she was not an easy dog to live with but we coped and there were no serious incidences for a while but after we'd had her for three months or so she seriously attacked my father whilst we were all out on a walk. Sandra had found a nest of young birds and when she dropped them my dad decided to walk on at which point Sandra attacked him from behind.

Once Sandra stopped attacking my dad we managed to get her tied to a tree with the help from a neighbour. Because of her unpredicatable and dangerous behaviour it was decided it was best to have her put to sleep. So after my dad was brought to hospital, the vet that was called used a tranquilizer dart to sedate Sandra before getting near her to euthanize her.

All in all not a pleasant experience and a cautionary tale for people to be open and honest about the reasons they rehome a dog. Me and my brother were only small children at the time we had Sandra and things could have turned out horrible had she gone for one of us instead of my dad. As it was he spend the better part of a month recuperating from the injuries Sandra caused.