Rosie Promise of Gold

14 August 2003 ~ 30 July 2010

Rosie was the youngest Newfy we've had, we got her when she was 14 months, in November 2004.

Rosie was a bit of a wild child, but then she was quite young when we got her. She never did calm down much though, not untill she got ill with cancer when she was 6 years.

She was not a very intelligent dog and could sometimes be a bit difficult with canine visitors, but she always loved to slobber all over our human visitors. Rosie also enjoyed carrying things, if you would give her bag of groceries she would walk around the room with them and then bring them to you in the kitchen when you called her, the downside was that there would be an amount of slimy residue on the handles of the bag once she dropped it off!

Rosie joined our family shortly after we'd gotten Jarod and as a result the two youngsters were great friends.

with her friend Jarod shortly after we got her