reunion 2005





Braemoor's Puppy Day

29 May 2005

This was our first puppy day ever. We had a lovely day, it was nice seeing all the puppies and their owners again. A big thank you to everybody who was there with their beardie(s) for making it such a great day. And also a VERY big thank you to Mark and Roosmarie Wibier, for helping us organize this day.

The beardies who were present today:

our own beardies: Cippy (mother of the first litter), Dexter, Maggie (mother of the second litter), Morris, Jarod

out of our first litter:

Sam (Braemoor's Pass It On) blue dog

Tibo (Braemoor's So Hi) fawn dog

Chip (Braemoor's Scotch Like a Ballad) brown dog

Jessye (Braemoor's Up and Go) brown bitch

Boes (Braemoor's Life Tastes Good) fawn dog


out of our second litter:

Mister (Braemoor's Mister Blue) blue dog;              Baika (Braemoor's Hot Chocolate) brown dog;

Denzel (Braemoor's Blue Johnny Blue) blue dog;               Jip (Braemoor's Black Jack) slate dog;

Ginny (Braemoor's Shocking Blue) blue bitch;               Jens (Braemoor's True Blue) blue dog;

Thara (Braemoor's Vanilla Fudge) fawn bitch;               Wendy (Braemoor's Black Velvet) slate bitch

And also present was Bo, the beardie Jip lives together with.


pictures of the puppy day:


eager to start the party: Jarod, Maggie, Dexter & Morris



            already quite a few people arrived                                                         Boes






                                                  Denzel                                                                      Jessye & Chip


Our first litter at 1 year: Jessye, Tibo, Chip, Sam, mother Cippy and Boes


Our second litter at 5 months: Jip, Thara, Wendy, Mister, Jens, Baika, Denzel, Ginny & mother Maggie


the whole group: Sam, Jessye, Baika, Morris, Cippy, Bo, Jip, Thara, Wendy, Mister, Jens, Denzel, Ginny, Maggie, Jarod, Tibo, Boes en Chip



going for a short walk



                                                       Baika                                                                             Mister



                          Jens, Wendy, Thara & Mister                                                    Thara



                                                                                                                                 Sam with his owner



                         Denzel digging in the water



                                                    Boes                                                                             Thara



                                                     Jarod                                                                Cippy & Sam





                                                  Mister                                                                          Thara



                                             Jip                                                                                Bo



                                      Jessye                                                                             Chip





                     Jessye, Chip, Jarod & Sam


Jarod, Jessye & Chip



        Cippy, Sam, Denzel, Jarod, Jessye & Chip                                                     Chip


Thara &  Baika









                                         Boes                                                                       Thara



                                                              Thara & Ginny                                                 Jip



                                           Morris                                                                  do you have FOOD???






                                                                                               new game: catch the old english sheepdog




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