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May 7: Jarod, James, Seren, Halo, Joanne & Izzie  May 7: Jarod, James, Seren, Halo, Joanne, Izzie, Elmo, Steven, Ziva & Jenna

March 28
September 25: Joanne, Ziva, Cliff & James

January 3: Izzie, Cippy, Jarod, Joanne, Elmo, Maggie & Ziva

January 3: Maggie, Jarod, Joanne, Izzie, Elmo, Steven & Ziva

June 24: Joanne, Cippy, Maggie, Elmo, Nenya, Ziva, Steven, James, Jarod, Izzie

December 22: Steven, Nenya, Morris, Joanne, Jarod, Izzie, Elmo, Cippy

October 23: Cippy, Morris. Nenya, Izzie, Jarod. Elmo, Maggie & Joanne

October 23: Cippy, Jarod, Joanne, Elmo, Maggie, Izzie, Nenya, Morris & Steven

October 23: Cippy, Jarod, Joanne, Elmo, Maggie, Izzie, Nenya, Morris & Steven
September 13: Nenya, Jarod, Elmo, Steven & Izzie
December 22: Izzie, Steven, Dexter, Cippy, Maggie, Elmo, Nenya, Morris & Jarod
November 30: Braemoor's Austin Powers (Arran) with f.l.t.r.:his mum Cippy, grandma Maggie, grandpa Dexter & dad Elmo
May 13: Dexter, Elmo, Jarod, Cippy, Morris, Nenya & Maggie
March 15: Dexter, Maggie, Cippy, Ginny, Jarod, Morris & Elmo
January 14: Morris, Jarod, Elmo, Dexter, Maggie & Cippy
August 13: Dexter, Jarod, Cippy, Maggie, Ginny & Morris
January 15: Jarod, Ginny, Dexter, Maggie, Morris & Cippy  August 13: Morris, Ginny, Cippy, Jarod, & Dexter
October 1: Dexter, Maggie, Ginny, Morris, Jarod & in front: Cippy  November 14, 2005: Ginny, Dexter,Cippy, Maggie & Morris
May 19: Jarod, Ginny, Mister Blue, Cippy, Maggie, Dexter & Morris
  August 17: me (Imke) with Morris, Noa, Cippy, Dexter & Maggie

Februari: Dexter, Maggie & Cippy Dexter, Maggie & Cippy

December 25: Cippy, Dexter & Maggie

Cippy, Dexter, Maggie  Cippy, Maggie, Dexter

Maggie, Cippy & Dexter  Dexter, Maggie & Cippy

Cippy, Maggie & Dexter  Dexter, Cippy & Maggie

October: Maggie, Dexter & Cippy  September 2002: Dexter, Cippy, Humphrey, Jeannie, Jessye and Maggie
August: Dexter, Maggie and Cippy August 2002: on the couch f.l.t.r. Lisa, Cippy and Maggie and in front Baloe, Dexter and Arkos



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