Ch. Braemoor's Firecracker

10 generation COI: 22,2%

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents Great Great Grand Parents

Ch. Charncroft Cool Touch


Ch.Sammara Soft Touch

HD: 1:5

Ch. Potterdale Conclusion           HD: 4:6 Potterdale Anderson at Ramsgrove    HD: 6:7
Ch. Blumberg Hadriana at Potterdale
Ch. Desborough Destiny of Sammara                        HD: 4:4 Ch. Sammara Standing Ovation      HD: 5:5
Ch. Shilstone Minuet of Desborough   HD: 2:2
Babbacombe Chloe at Charncroft

HD: 3:7

Ch. Moonhill First Class Bear      HD:Tc Ch. Hecatie Hellraiser                         HD: 4:9
Ch. Potterdale Classic of Moonhill    HD: 4:4
Charncroft Copper Dawn Charncroft Cloverglen                       HD: 2:4
Charncroft Copper Surprise               HD: 2:1

Full of the Dickens Broadway Baby


CEA Clear

Ch. Seagull To Be Or Not Be

HD: Tc

Ch. Seagull Sweeps the Board Ch. Potterdale Philosopher                HD: 0:2
Melancholy Beauty of Dearbolt
Coalacre Intrigue Coalacre Innuendo                            HD: 6:5
Is This Love at Coalacre
Ghostbusters Gentle Star


Ch. Willowmead Star Turn          HD:B Ch. Sammara Standing Ovation       HD: 5:5
Willowmead Touch of Class               HD: 3:5
Ghostbusters Beauly             HD:A Daisy-Belles Blue Alladin-Lad                HD:B
Baribal's Elsa                                            HD:B