Braemoor's Bearded Collies

20th litter

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents Great Great Grand Parents

Braddabrook Extra Time With Fraglestone

HD: 6:6

CEA Clear

Ch. Braddabrook Jive

HD: 3:5

Ch. Bendale That's My Boy  HD: 5:2 Ch. Otterswish O'Connor                   HD: 1:4
Ch. Bendale Love Me Do                 HD: 5:5
Braddabrook Dimpsy Ch. Braddabrook Botzaris at Fraglestone    HD: 5:5
Braddabrook Bagette                        HD: 2:3
Braddabrook Bibimazoon Ch. Braddabrook Botzaris at Fraglestone   HD: 5:5 Braddabrook Dellas Maugan
Braddabrook Sorrel
Braddabrook Hoagie Ch. Wellknowe Crofter
Ch. Ellas Imogen at Braddabrook

Braemoor's Ready Made



Ch. Braemoor's Firecracker

HD: A/ CEA Clear

Ch. Charncroft Cool Touch  HD: Tc Ch. Sammara Soft Touch                        HD: 1:5
Babbacombe Chloe at Charncroft       HD: 3:7
Full of the Dickens Broadway Baby   HD: A/ CEA Clear Ch. Seagull To Be Or Not Be                   HD: Tc
Ghostbusters Gentle Star                         HD: A
Ch. Bushblades Ready to Rejoice

HD: B/ CEA Clear

Ch. Gallus Macracker at Kyleca                      HD: 5:6 Ch. Kiltondale McAuley                           HD: 7:8
Arranbrae Christmas Cracker at Gallus  HD: 4:6
Bushblades Out To Party         HD: 4:3 / CEA Clear Ch. Camberwick Song of Solomon         HD: 5:4
Ch. Bushblades Soundin' Out                   HD: 4:4