Braemoor's Fly The Flag

10 generation COI: 16.9%

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents Great Great Grand Parents

MultiCh. Farmarens Florian Prinzkrona


CEA Clear

MultiCh. Diotima Sea Wolf at Ramsgrove JW

HD: A / CEA Clear

Ch. Gillaber Drummond JW         HD: 6:5 Ch. Gillaber Tillycorthie                      HD: 3:6
Gillaber Cairnacay                             HD:7:5
Ch. Natterjack Just Perfect For Diotima                    HD:4:4 Ch. Potterdale Just William                 HD:6:3
Ch. Diotima Blue Kisses to Natterjack    HD: 3:3
Ch. Farmarens Zweet Zamantha

HD: A, ED: Free

Ch. Farmarens Loyal Friend          HD: Free, ED: Free MultiCh. Farmarens High Commission  HD: Free, ED: Free
MultiCh. Farmarens Evening Eureka    HD: Free
MultiCh. Farmarens Real Diamond HD: Free, ED: Free Ch. Potterdale Exellence              HD: Free
MultiCh. Farmarens Happy Returns   HD: Free, ED: Free

Ch. Braemoor's Simply an Angel



Ch. Highglade Arch Angel

HD: 3:3 / CEA Clear

Ch. Moonhill Does It In Style          HD: 7:5 Ch. Gillaber Tillycorthie               HD: 3:6
Ch. Moonhill Classy Business HD: 5:7
Highglade Halo and Wings            HD: 3:3 Potterdale Debonair                  HD: 3:7
Highglade Movie Star              HD: 5:5
Braemoor's Ready Made


Ch. Braemoor's Firecracker         HD: A/ CEA Clear Ch. Charncroft Cool Touch           HD: Tc
Full of the Dickens Broadway Baby   HD: A/ CEA Clear
Ch. Bushblades Ready to Rejoice HD: B/ CEA Clear Ch. Gallus Macracker at Kyleca           HD: 5:6
Bushblades Out To Party      HD: 4:3 / CEA Clear