Babbacombe Too Hot To Handle

26 July 1999 ~ 11 January 2009

Morris came to live with us on 27 March 2004, when he proved 'too hot to handle' for his first owners.
When Morris started 'breaking down' their house they decided he had to go. Eating doors and jumping through windows were some of the things, next to running away, Morris did when he lived with them.

Morris was a troubled soul, especially when he first came to us, but over time he improved. He listened quite well and loved to be around the other dogs, and especially to be around people a bit more!
Morris' coat had been clipped when we got him, but we grew it back and entered him for some shows. He loved the outings to dog shows and was always happy in the ring, sometimes a little too happy as he loved to jump about and bark. Together we gained his Dutch & German Veteran titles.

October 23, 2008

July 15, 2005  September 11, 2007: 8 years

June 20, 2006  April 20, 2007