Litter 7




Litter 7

22 July 2009

3 puppies: 2 slate dogs and 1 slate bitch

The proud parents:

January 29, 2009June 22, 2009: 3 years  June 22, 2009: 3½ yearsJune 22, 2009: 3½ years

Elmo (Ch. Braemoor's Bruce Almighty)  &  Nenya (MultiCh. Babbacombe Beyoncé)




The theme for the pedigree names of this litter is "Shakespeare", the names of the puppies are the following:

Braemoor´s High Time


slate dog

Braemoor´s Primrose Path


slate bitch

Braemoor´s Heart's Content


slate dog


On 22 July Nenya had a c-section in the evening.  her temperature had dropped  more than 24 hours before and she finally started having contractions around 6 pm, at 8 pm there was still no puppy and she was not having any contractions any more, so we called our vet and went there with Nenya. Nenya was dialated but there was no pup in the birthcanal yet, we decided not to wait and go ahead with the c-section. Our vet got all 3 puppies out alive and kicking and they are strong and healthy. After that she closed Nenya's wound again and we put her down from the operating table and introduced her to her puppies, she wasn't much interested in them at that moment but didn't object to them drinking.

At home Nenya first slept for a while and when she woke up she went into the whelping box, lied down and spent the rest of the night there feeding her pups and sleeping some more.



2 days old Baloo, Julie & Elmo:

dad Elmo with his kids

out shopping

sharing dinner with Dikkie Dik:


Julie, dad Elmo and Baloo at the Dutch beardie clubshow on 15 November 2009:


3 November 2010: Elmo with his dad Elmo & mum Nenya:


15 May 2011, the litter at 21 months:

Baloo (slate), Nenya (slate mother) & Elmo (slate)



5 months

May 15, 2011





March 16, 2010: 7½ months old

May 15, 2011










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