Litter 18




Litter 18

27 December 2016

6 slate puppies: 4 dogs and 2 bitches

The proud parents:

MultiCh. Farmarens Florian Prinzkrona Ch. Braemoor's Simply an Angel




The theme for the pedigree names of this litter is 'double F', the names of the puppies are the following:

Braemoor's Fly the Flag 'Alfred' slate dog
Braemoor's Full of Fun 'Meneer Jansen' slate dog
Braemoor's Florian's Favourite 'Bram' slate dog
Braemoor's Forever Friends 'Olaf' slate dog
Braemoor's Fenne's Felicity 'Fliss' slate bitch
Braemoor's Fabulous Fennela 'Ellie' slate bitch

Fliss & Ellie


Ellie & Fliss


Olaf, Alfred (front), Fliss, Bram, Ellie & Meneer Jansen


Meneer Jansen, Bram, Alfred & Olaf


Fliss, Olaf & Alfred


Meneer Jansen, Ellie & Olaf


Fliss & Ellie


Olaf & Alfred


Meneer Jansen & Fliss


Fliss & Olaf


Ellie & Fliss


Ellie & Alfred


for more pictures of the puppies during their first weeks, click on the following links, the links will open in new windows and the pictures are in public albums on facebook:


the following albums also contain pictures of our 17th litter who are 4 days older:

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Meneer Jansen










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