Lisa van de Marshoeve

21 April 1993 ~ 25 August 2004

Lisa was our second Newfy, she was already 7 years old when we got her in May 2000. She was a very gentle natured dog and very kind to others. When she would steal food (and she did this often) she would share it with the other dogs. She once ate a whole bag of pears, and another time an entire cauliflower. And once when we took her for a walk near a lake she collected a dozen or so oranges someone had thrown into the lake. She was in great health till the end, the day before we had to let her go she didn't want her dinner and the next morning she couldn't get up from where she was lying.

She reached a grand old age and we're grateful we had her for as long as we did.


Arkos using Lisa as a head rest:


with standard poodle pup Monamie: