NL Kamp/ IntCh./ Europa Siegerin `12/ NL Vet.Ch./ NBCC Club Champion Obedience `10, `11, `12, `13, `17/ G&G 1/  Agility B1
Ch. Juliet's Josetta van de Wollewuif

29 October 2007 ~ 16 November 2019


Josette was my dear friend Els Jansen's dog. Josette moved in with us early October 2016 when Els' health deteriorated to a point where she could no longer look after her dogs. After Els passed away on 30 October Josette's stay with us became permanent.

Josette was Els' last beardie from her own breeding and they accomplished a lot together. Josette was both a beautiful unexaggerated beardie to look at and highly intelligent, her titles listed above are a testament to that and to the fantastic partnership Els & Josette had. Josette and Els were very succesful in the showring, in obedience and in agility.

Josette loved obedience and doing fun tricks, she had an incredible zest for life. In true beardie fashion Josette loved the sound of her own voice, sometimes muffled by a toy in her mouth. She was always up for fun and games and ready and eager to show her many tricks.