The Bearded Collie was first introduced into our lives in the mid 1990s at the dog school we frequented with the dogs we had at the time.

By the late 1990s I was helping a local breeder groom her dogs once a week and I took agility lessons with one of her dogs. I had fallen in love with the breed and when this breeder next had a litter I knew I wanted my own beardie. On 27 November 1999 Cippy and 5 sisters were born. Cippy was the smallest, the only fawn and the naughtiest, in my eyes she was perfect.

me & Dexter

It didn't take long for us to get another beardie, Dexter was born 5 February 2001. We hadn't planned for him but we'd visited the litter often and when at 8 weeks the family that was supposed to have him decided they didn't want him after all, we just couldn't resist him. Though in many ways very different from Cippy they got along wonderfully from day one and they both loved toys and especially once Dexter was a little bigger to play tug-of-war.

From the start I took great interest in the breed and pretty soon I started to consider to contribute to this wonderful breed by starting a kennel. It was with the possibility of breeding her in the future in mind that we added a third beardie to our little pack. Maggie, born 5 June 2002, came to live with us in August that year.

We registered our affix 'Braemoor's' in 2003 in my dad's name and in 2004 we also registered it in my name.

In 2004 our first two litters were born. Cippy's on 12 May (out of Babbacombe Chequers) and Maggie's on 29 December (out of Ch. Bendale That's My Boy). We also added two boys to our pack. The first, Morris, in March, a 4½ year old in desperate need of a new home. And in October 7 weeks old Jarod joined us (born 17 August).

On 9 May 2006 our third litter was born and Elmo ended up staying after being returned to us after 9 days with a new family.



In February 2007 we got Nenya at the age of 13 months, she settled in right away and entered the show ring in April. 2007  proved to be a very succesful year, gaining 4 titles in the show ring with 3 of our beardies. Nenya winning her Dutch and German Junior titles, Elmo getting his German Junior Championship and Jarod becoming a Dutch Champion. Maggie produced her 3rd beautiful litter (this time to Ch. Charncroft Cool Touch) born on 26 September 2007. We kept two puppies: slate dog Steven (B. Firecracker) and slate bitch Izzie (B. Sugar Syrup). On 4 October 2007 Cippy's second and last litter was born (sired by Elmo). At the end of 2007 Morris re-entered the show ring in veteran class, he continued to win in 2008 and in March 2008 he completed both his Dutch and German veteran championships.

December 22: Izzie, Steven, Dexter, Cippy, Maggie, Elmo, Nenya, Morris & Jarod

Izzie, Steven, Dexter, Cippy, Maggie, Elmo, Nenya, Morris & Jarod



We lost our beloved Dexter 13 April 2008. Later that same month we travelled to the UK to have a look at two beautiful puppies at Bushblades kennel. Joanne (Bushblades Ready to Rejoice) travelled back with us the next day. We did not only get the most amazing beardie but it was also the start of a wonderful friendship. 2008 was once again a succesful year for us at shows with Nenya gaining her Dutch title at the minimum age of 27 months by winning BOB and Group 2. Jarod won his 7th CAC at the same show and was BOS. One day later on 11 May Jarod's first litter was born at Babbacombe kennel. Nenya retired from the showring in November 2008 after winning best bitch and RBIS at the NBCC Championship show. Jarod also had a succesful 2008 gaining his German Club, German VDH and International Champion titles. And finally our youngster Izzie gained her German Junior title.



11 January we lost Morris to a heart condition, he had fallen ill around christmas and despite loads of medicines and vet visits he deteriorated very fast leaving us no choice but to let him go.

In February Joanne and Steven both gained their German Junior titles at the same show. Later that month (the 27th) Maggie gave birth to her final litter, this time sired by Bushblades Transaction, a beautiful litter from which we kept Ziva (Braemoor's Misty Morning) and her brother James (Braemoor's Mastermind) who was originally owned in partnership and did not live with us, but as of March 2011 he moved back in with us permanently.

On 18 April Jarod's second litter was born at the Briagha kennel out of Sweet Companion Tinca. On 22 May our Elmo did us proud by gaining his German Club & VDH Champion titles, he is our first homebred champion, and we are of course very proud of him! On 22 July Nenya had her first litter after a somewhat problematic delivery, we are delighted with her and Elmo's three healthy pups and are very proud that their daughter Braemoor's Primrose Path won best baby in show at the Dutch beardie clubshow later that year! Ziva made a great start to her show career by winning best baby in show at the German beardie club show on 16 August 2009. At the same show Joanne won best bitch, BOS and reserve best in show out of intermediate class. Another proud moment was when Steven qualified for Crufts 2010 at Darlington Championship show on 19 September!



2010 was a busy and succesful year for us, with our two youngsters James & Ziva bringing home many prizes! James managed to gain his German, Luxembourg and Dutch junior titles, and sister Ziva gained her German and Dutch junior title, in addition Ziva went BOB at the tender age of 11 months under breeder judge Kerstin Selle. Both James & Ziva continued to do well in intermediate class and have both gained an impressive number of CAC's and CACIB's. With James winning his first BOB in November 2010 out of intermediate class dogs. In addition to our show successes we also welcomed two beautiful litters, the first born 6 May out of Jarod (Multi Ch. Babbacombe Olympic Bonfire) and Izzie (DtJgCh Braemoor's Sugar Syrup). They had six lovely slate & white puppies, we are very pleased that while Halo (Braemoor's Rising Sun) will remain with us, her brother Cliff (Braemoor's Cliffhanger) will join the Bushblades beardies in the UK and her sister Heidi (Braemoor's Italian Sunrise) has gone to live with the Philabeg beardies in Italy.

On 27 June Joanne had her first litter, the proud father is Steven, they had 8 slate & white puppies, and though not planned at first a beautiful bitch puppy stole our hearts and she just had to stay, we have named her Jenna (Braemoor's Ready Made).



Early April 2011 Cliff was picked up by his new owners Peter & Yvonne Fox, though our furniture now isn't chewed on anymore and the fear of flooding (due to Cliff trying to swim in the water bowl) has disappeared, we really miss him, but are really pleased he has settled in so well at his new home! Shortly after Cliff left us for his new home, our 10th litter was born on 10 April,  Nenya's second and last litter and James' first litter, six beautiful puppies in three colours. From this litter we felt Seren (Braemoor's Beyond the Stars) was just what we wanted so she has remained with us. On 18 June 2011 James gained his German Champion titles, making him our second homebred champion, and soon after on 31 July Steven became our third homebred champion when he gained his German titles as well! We are so proud of these boys!

Early September 2011 I left for the UK for a period of 5 months as an exchange student, while there I stayed with Peter & Yvonne Fox which enabled me to bring three of my beardies and visit some shows! The aim was to try and get Joanne her studbooknumber (which James had already won when he got 3rd in Limit Dog at East of England Champ. Show early July) and I would have never dared dream of winning a CC with her, but she did just that! On 5 November at Working & Pastoral Breeds of Scotland Champ. Show, breed specialist Mrs. Wendy Smith (Thymewinds) made our day one we will always remember! Joanne won both Limit and Open bitch classes, was awarded the CC and then went on to win Best of Breed!! What an amazing experience! Of course all made possible by Peter & Yvonne's kind offer to suffer my company for 5 months!



A good start to the year on 29 January when Heidi (Braemoor's Italian Sunrise) gained her Italian Championship, a few days later on 2 February Heidi's brother Cliff became a father. Cliff's litter was born at Bushblades kennel out of Charlotte (Bushblades American Tune JW), their daughter Kirstie (Bushblades Wired for Sound) has remained at Bushblades. On 6 February I went back home to The Netherlands and my other dogs who, I am pleased to say, were all very happy to see me again!  At the first show in The Netherlands after our return Joanne won BOB while James got BOS, a great achievement! Only a week later Joanne won 3rd in mid-limit bitch at Crufts with very strong competition, we are so proud of her! On 9 April 2012 James won BOB at the show in Leeuwarden which gained him his Dutch champion title! And the successes just kept on coming: on 13 May Joanne was awarded her 2nd CC by breed specialist Mrs. Janet Lewis (Potterdale) at the British Dog Festival show in Dortmund.
July 14, 2012: RBIS! (with judge Derek Smith)

Joanne winning RBIS at NW&PB

After this the idea was born for me to go back to the UK in an attempt to gain that magical 3rd CC! The plan was made for me to go and stay with Peter & Yvonne again in August and to visit a number of shows while there in the hope Joanne would be crowned a champion. However, I had my first Open show judging appointment in July and as we would be in the country for the weekend anyway we decided to enter for NW&PB. The weather was horrible that day and we were soaking wet and covered in mud by the time we got indoors, but it proved to be worth it as Joanne was awarded the CC and BOB by breed specialist Mrs. Althea Richardson (Caramac), and to make the day even more special she went on to win the group and RBIS! To round off this fantastic year in style Jenna delivered a healthy litter of 9 puppies on Christmas eve sired by Jelli (Ch. Highglade Arch Angel).



Jenna & Jelli's daughter Fenne (B. Simply an Angel) has gone to live with our long time friend Els Jansen and her Wollewuif beardies. Angel (B. Angel Delight) now lives in the UK with Paul & Wendy Lee-Finglas and will be entering the showring later this year. Their sister Gilly (B. Angelic Reflection) now also lives in the UK, she joined John & Suzanne Taylor and the Taliswood tribe and will hopefully do well for them at obedience!

We took a break from showing this year with the exception of a few appearances at shows we really enjoy visiting. Joanne managed to get 3rd in Open bitch at Crufts, a result we are very proud of. Jenna & Jelli's daughter Angel qualified for Crufts on multiple occasions and daughter Fenne won the NBCC junior obedience competition and started her show career by winning her class and her first CACJ. On 26 October Izzie whelped her second and final litter to Ch. Potterdale Persistant. A few weeks later Joanne had a succesful day at the NBCC Champ Show where she went RBB and gained her Dutch Champion title. A month later her daughter Jenna did us proud by winning MidLimit bitch at the BCC Champ Show.



On 2 February Steven's second litter was born at Denters Whirlwinds kennel in Germany, mother Ch. Shorelines Fisherman's Fairytale had eight healthy slate pups. Later that month our own Joanne celebrated her sixth birthday by whelping her second litter. She had 9 puppies sired by MultiCh. Ramsgrove Borkason. Though we only intended to keep a bitch we could not resist one of the boys so for the 3rd time we kept a brother and sister. Jorja (B. Bound to Rejoice) and Jaqen (B. Boundless Joy).

On 5 April Els Jansen's Fenne won junior bitch and her final CACJ towards her Dutch junior title and went on to win Best bitch & CAC. Early September we travelled to Denmark to the Danish beardie clubshow. Jorja managed to beat her brother to BPIS and Seren won RBB with Cert. A week later the pups attended their first show in the UK, Jorja won 2nd in MPB and Jaqen 1st in MPD, while Seren also had a succesful day winning a very credible 2nd in PGB. We once again had a good end to the year at the BCC Champ Show where Angel (B. Angel Delight with Richeath) won a very strong Yearling bitch class and Jaqen won his class and BPD & RBPIS.



A really busy year for us with three litters. Not really something we intend to do more often but it is just how it worked out this time. On 30 April Halo (B. Rising Sun) whelped her litter sired by Paleeda Pizazz. On 3 July Jenna whelped a litter to Jarod, their son Jeffrey (B. Spitfire) has joined Camilla Karlsson and family at Fjällglimtens kennel in Sweden. Joanne whelped her final litter on 29 September, sired by Ch. Dazzling Dodger of Debora's Farm. Their daughter Lyra (B. Start the Party with Bushblades) went to join Joanne's breeders in the UK while son George (B. Born to Party) joined Dagmar Netolická and family in Czech Republic at Bohemia Dagnet kennel. Though not planned Joanne & Dodger's son Jay (B. Party Trick) stayed with us.

With all these puppies running around we didn't get to attend very many shows but despite that Jaqen gained his Benelux Junior Winner title in March, and in the summer both he and sister Jorja gained their Dutch junior titles. At the same show Els Jansen's Fenne (Ch. B. Simply an Angel) gained her final CAC toward her Dutch title.  At the age of 17 months Jaqen went 3rd best male with Cert. at the Swedish Bearded Collie Club Champ Show. We once again ended the year with a super result at the BCC Champ Show where Jaqen won his class (Yearling Dog) and Fenne was 2nd in a very strong Open bitch class and in doing so gained her studbooknumber!



 The younger generation of Braemoor's are doing us proud at shows around Europe. Jeffrey has had a number of wins at open shows in Sweden, his biggest wins being BIS at an open show at only 11 months old and RCert on 7 August at IDS Svenstavik. All three pups from Joanne & Dodger that went to show homes have made a super start to their show careers, Lyra by qualifying for Crufts on multiple occasions and winning BPIB and PG4 at East of England Champ Show on 8 July. George went BPIS at the Czech Beardie clubshow and Jay was BPD at the NBCC  Champ Show and BPIS at a clubshow in Sweden.

Els with Fenne and the NBCC Obedience Champion trophies

 Jaqen was RBD at the BCVN Champ Show while Fenne topped them all and went BIS & Clubwinner 2016! A very proud moment for us. A couple weeks later Fenne gained obedience G&G B, proving she has brains & beauty. On 19 June Jaqen & Fenne did a double act at the IDS in Den Bosch with Jaqen BD, CAC, CACIB, BOB and Fenne BB, CAC, CACIB & BOS. With this result Jaqen gained his Dutch title at the minimum age of 27 months. On 8 August Jaqen gained his  studbooknumber by winning 2nd Open dog at Paignton Champ. Show. We ended August on another high note with Els & Fenne winning NBCC Obedience Champion 2016. September started off well with Jay gaining CACJ and CAC at his first show in Junior on 3 September and a day later Seren gained her final CAC toward her Dutch Champion title. A week later on 10 September Lyra wins 1st in Puppy & Junior and BPIB at Richmond Champ. Show and now leads the BCX points award for best up and coming bitch! On 26 October George (B. Born to Party) gained his Austrian Junior title.

Despite all these successes what will always be first and foremost in our minds for 2016 is losing our dear friend Els Jansen on 30 October. 

Els was a beardie person through and through and known through different disciplines of dog sport for having progressive ideas about dog training, being competitive but always inclusive and kind to people new to the breed or sport, but most of all for having heart for her dogs and the breed. Els, I miss you so much and I can't thank you enough for our years of friendship and for entrusting me with your most precious possessions: your beardies James, Josette and Fenne. Together we made a lot of plans for the future and I will do my best to see them reality.



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