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The heading 'About Us' could do with some explaining, is it 'me' or 'us'? I have noticed I switch these around a lot when writing about the dogs.

So this is me(with Joanne):

August 16, 2012

I am the main person behind Braemoor beardies, it is my passion for the breed that started this madness (in the best possible sense of the word!). All the dogs are in my name and always have been, I take care of the dogs' exercise, feeding and grooming, and all breeding decisions are mine. I also made this website and practically all photo's on it, with the exception of the ones I am in of course, those are mostly taken by my mum, some by my dad and this one above was taken by Yvonne Fox whilst on a walk in the Lake District.

But I digress . . . though the kennel and the dogs are mine, I couldn't do any of it without the help and support of my parents. My mum, Ina, travels to shows with me and helps with the grooming. My dad takes care of the dogs (and sometimes puppies) while we are away to shows and he is also my tech support, if anything is wrong with the website, a photo- or video camera, he is usually the one to solve the issue. My parents look after the dogs while I am at work, so the dogs are never alone.


The following are a few pictures of our day to day lives with our gang of beardies:

March 28: Cippy, Ziva, Steven, Seren, Jenna, James, Izzie, Joanne, Halo & Jarod

April 7: dinnertime April 7: dinnertime

June 21, 2011:Elmo, Joanne & Jarod

January 8

They bring us so much joy, love, affection, fun, mud, mud, more mud, in short they make us happy and keep us busy!

beardies, beardies everywhere . . .