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I try to keep health scores listed on dogs' individual pages on my website, but this page will offer an overview of all dogs owned by me and bred by me that have been health tested. I've also listed their calculated COI for 10 generations and for all generations.
When planning litters I try to select dogs that complement my bitches in every way while also bringing down COI or who at the least do not significantly increase COI. I like using mature or older studdogs who have been used sparingly. It provides me the knowledge these dogs have reached a certain age in good health and condition and gives me the opportunity to see mature offspring out of them. This does not mean I am opposed to using younger dogs or ones that have had a larger number of litters. I appreciate each dog for what they have to offer to the breed as a whole, to my breeding and to a particular bitch I am considering mating them to.
In The Netherlands hipscoring is the only health test required for Bearded Collies when being bred. As of 2016 I have decided to also have their elbows scored going forward. Jay will be first of mine to have his elbows scored, though some I have bred that are owned by others have already been elbow scored.
As is evident from the list below I am not in the habit of having eye tests done that require redoing every year. Early 2017 I have had my dogs CEA DNA tested, with the exception of my two Wollewuif beardies who have never and will never be used in breeding. The result is that my current breeding stock is CEA Clear or Hereditary Clear (HC).
Dogs owned by me:
  HD ED eyes CEA/CH DNA COI 10 gen. COI all gen.
Braemoor's Wildflower NX NX   NT 19.26% 27,23%
Braemoor's Caught My Fancy NX NX   HC 17.49% 29.07%
Braemoor's Catch My Joy A Free   HC 17.11% 28.38%
Braemoor's Fenne's Felicity A Free   Clear 19.71% 29.78%
Braemoor's Snapdragon A Free   HC 14.73% 28.56%
Braemoor's Party Trick JW'16 NJK'16 C Free   Clear 19.58% 28.36%
Ch. Braemoor's Boundless Joy NJK'15 BJWNL'15 A Free   Clear 21.24% 29.62%
Braemoor's Bound to Rejoice NJK'15 A NX   Clear 21.24% 29.62%
Ch. Braemoor's Simply an Angel NJK'14 A NX   HC 22.25% 28.28%
Ch. Braemoor's Beyond the Stars A NX   Clear 18.52% 27.56%
Braemoor's Ready Made A NX   HC 18.84% 27.61%
Braemoor's Rising Sun A NX   HC 20.72% 27.95%
Braemoor's Misty Morning NJK DtJgCh A NX BVA clear (2011) HC 22.20% 26.59%
MultiCh. Braemoor's Mastermind NJK DtJgCh LuxJgCh A NX BVA clear (2011) HC 22.20% 26.59%
Ch. Bushblades Ready to Rejoice B NX BVA clear (2011) Clear 23.68% 27.93%
MultiCh. Juliet's Josetta van de Wollewuif NX NX     22.1%  
Ch. Braemoor's Firecracker A NX   Clear 23.67% 27.67%
Braemoor's Sugar Syrup DtJgCh A NX   Clear 23.67% 27.67%
Ch. Braemoor's Bruce Almighty A NX     22.10% 25.64%
MultiCh. Babbacombe Beyoncé A NX     25.42% 28.55%
MultiCh. Babbacombe Olympic Bonfire A NX ECVO clear (2010) Clear 21.16% 25.76%
Ch. Joella's James van de Wollewuif A NX     20.0%  
Full of the Dickens Broadway Baby A NX   Clear 25.55% 26.19%
Pluuster Bear's Dreaming Dexter A NX     26.3% 28.60%
Pluuster Bear's Chicken Tonight A NX     21.6% 26.00%
Babbacombe Too Hot To Handle A NX     19.5%  

Dogs I bred:

I've only listed dogs that have had health tests done by their owners, further down this page is a list with all pups we have bred that are Hereditary Clear (HC) for CEA/CH.

  Country HD ED eyes CEA/CH DNA COI 10 gen COI all gen
Braemoor's Bounding Out voor Westbere UK NX NX BVA clear (2022) HC   29.06%
Braemoor's Fabulous Fennela at Winaria UK 5:4 0:0   HC 19.71% 29.78%
Braemoor's Fly the Flag DE A2     HC 19.71% 29.78%
Braemoor's Start the Party with Bushblades UK 3:5 0   Clear 19.58% 28.36%
MultiCh. Braemoor's Born to Party CZ B 0:0   Clear 19.58% 28.36%
MultiCh. Braemoor's Spitfire SE B     HC 19.43% 27.36%
Braemoor's Sound of Joy with Barcsden UK 4:4 0   Clear 21.24% 29,62%
Braemoor's Angel Delight with Richeath UK 6:7     Clear/HC 22.25% 28.28%
Braemoor's Beyond Belief I A 0     18.52% 27.56%
Braemoor's Cliffhanger at Bushblades UK 3:5     Clear/HC 20.72% 27.95%
Ch. Braemoor's Italian Sunrise I A 0   HC 20.72% 27.95%
Braemoor's Primrose Path NL A       20.03% 26.70%
Braemoor's Shocking Blue NL C       22.68% 27.16%


A list of all Braemoor's that are Hereditary Clear (HC) for CEA/CH:


Braemoor's Homeward Bound

Braemoor's Feelin' Groovy

Braemoor's Dancin' Wild

Braemoor's Sound of Silence

Braemoor's April Come She Will

Braemoor's American Tune

Braemoor's Scarborough Fair

Braemoor's Rose of Aberdeen

Braemoor's Bounding Out

Braemoor's Spellbound

Braemoor's Catchphrase

Braemoor's Quite The Catch

Braemoor's Catch Me If You Can

Braemoor's Caught My Fancy

Braemoor's Caught In The Act

Braemoor's Catch The Spotlight

Braemoor's Catch The Moment

Braemoor's Catch My Joy

Braemoor's Fenne's Felicity

Braemoor's Fabulous Fennela at Winaria

Braemoor's Florian's Favourite

Braemoor's Fly the Flag

Braemoor's Full of Fun

Braemoor's Forever Friends

Braemoor’s Imagine Dragons

Braemoor’s Dragon Heart

Braemoor’s Chasing Dragons

Braemoor’s Snapdragon

Braemoor’s Little Dragon

Braemoor’s Dragon Star

Braemoor’s Forged by Fire

Braemoor’s Firewater

Braemoor’s Firestorm

MultiCh. Braemoor’s Spitfire

Braemoor’s Wings of Fire

Braemoor’s Firefly

Braemoor’s Blaze of Fire

Braemoor’s Heart of Fire

Braemoor’s Orion Rising

Braemoor’s Solar Storm

Braemoor’s Supernova

Braemoor’s Celestial Star

Braemoor’s Stellar Flare

Braemoor's Sound of Joy with Barcsden

Braemoor's Joy Division

Ch. Braemoor's Boundless Joy

Braemoor's Jump for Joy

Braemoor's Pure Joy

Braemoor's Just Joyful

Braemoor's Full of Joy

Braemoor's Song of Joy

Braemoor's Bound to Rejoice NJK'15

Braemoor's Comic Turn

Braemoor's Turn of Fortune

Braemoor's Twist and Turn

Braemoor's Turning Tide

Braemoor's Turn up Trumps

Braemoor’s Ready Made Angel

Ch. Braemoor’s Simply an Angel

Braemoor’s Angelic Reflection

Braemoor’s Angel of Joy

Braemoor’s Guardian Angel

Braemoor’s Angel Delight with Richeath

Braemoor’s Angel Song

Braemoor’s Angel in Disguise

Braemoor’s Christmas Angel

Braemoor’s Ready to Roll

Braemoor’s Almost Ready

Braemoor’s Ready for Action

Braemoor’s Ready Made

Braemoor’s Ready or Not

Braemoor’s Ready Steady Go

Braemoor’s Ready to Dance

Braemoor’s Get Ready

Braemoor’s Cliffhanger at Bushblades

Braemoor’s Morning Glory

Braemoor’s Rising Sun

Braemoor’s Avalanche

Braemoor’s Spiced Swizzle

Ch. Braemoor’s Italian Sunrise

Braemoor’s Maggie Mae

DtJgCh & NJK Braemoor’s Misty Morning

Braemoor’s Making Mayhem

Braemoor’s Midsomer Mystery

Braemoor’s Mischief Maker

MultiCh Braemoor’s Mastermind

Braemoor’s Make her Mine

Braemoor’s Midnight Muse