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Bearded Collies come in four different birth colours, black (or slate), brown, blue and fawn. In adult colours there are almost as many shades as there are beardies, not to mention the interesting colour changes most go through as they grow up. Whichever colour a beardie is, the general consensus amongst them is that mud enhances their appearance:

black (slate) brown blue fawn


Beardie coats are uniquely suitable for bringing home all sort of treasure from walks:


If you are thinking of being owned by a beardie please make sure you are well informed before you bring a bundle of fur home. Encyclopaedias and many websites often only depict the breed clean and groomed and though they certainly can and do look like that, the day to day reality is that if they are clean they don't stay like that for long. This will of course depend on where you live and on your beardie, some will walk around puddles and others will seek them out and roll in them, and many will be somewhere in between those extremes.

The following 2 pictures are of the same dog at approximately the same age:

this is a typical beardie! So if you have an intolerance for mud and dirt, a beardie is not for you.

A beardie will need:

- to be part of the family

- regular grooming

- regular exercise

- an owner who does not mind a little mud

Beardies are lively, intelligent dogs that like to be involved in everything that goes on, if you are away from home often and for long periods a beardie is not for you. A beardie will need regular grooming, if you practise this from a young age this should be enjoyable quality time for both of you. If you do not see yourself spend a couple of hours a week looking after your dog's coat, a beardie is not for you. Beardies are a versatile breed and can excel in any number of canine sports, however just being part of active family life and getting regular exercise will give a beardie a happy and fulfilled life.

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a typical inquisitive beardie pup:


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