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Ch. Braemoor's Firecracker
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Steven, one of those dogs who wasn't supposed to stay but I just couldn't resist him. He was such a delightful pup and though I did like the look of him from birth, it was his temperament that truly won me over.

Never a very patient dog at standing still in the showring, it was a bit of a challenge showing him but he was always so happy to be there and he did always show well on the move. We were very pleased when he gained his German titles, making him our third homebred champion. Steven is a beautiful unexaggerated beardie with sound construction and breed typical temperament. He is a very easy mover with excellent reach and drive. He is a joy to watch and to live with.

Steven has sired two litters: one here with us, born 27June 2010 and the other at Denters Whirlwinds kennel in Germany born 2 February 2014.



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