Braemoor's Snapdragon

HD: A     ED Free     CEA Hereditary Clear




Skylar is a very happy & outgoing girl who bounces through life. She is a perfect mix of her mum and dad.

Her main pursuits in life are the cat and food, not necessarily in that order. She'll happily take a break from watching the cat to have a snack! Like her mum she likes to climb furniture, she is very good at balancing on the back of chairs and the settee and likes to stand on tables for a better vantage point. Skylar is always on the go and doesn't miss a thing, but when the mood strikes her she also loves to lie back on your lap and spend some quality time.




Ch. Braemoor's Boundless Joy

HD:A/ ED Free/ CEA Clear

MultiCh. Ramsgrove Borkason

HD: A/ CEA Clear

MultiCh. Diotima Sea Wolf at Ramsgrove   HD: A /CEA Clear
Farmarens Essential For Ramsgrove        HD: 4:3
Ch. Bushblades Ready to Rejoice

HD: B/ CEA Clear

Ch. Gallus Macracker at Kyleca HD: 5:6
Bushblades Out To Party          HD: 4:3/ CEA Clear
Ch. Braemoor's Beyond The Stars

HD: A/ CEA Clear

MultiCh. Braemoor's Mastermind


Ch. Bushblades Transaction      HD: 3:4/ CEA Clear
Full of the Dickens Broadway Baby       HD: A/ CEA Clear

MultiCh. Babbacombe Beyoncé


Ch. Charncroft Cool Touch     HD: Tc
Babbacombe As Good As It Gets HD: A