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Seren is a real mischief maker and though she listens quite well, she keeps us very busy!

She loves food and attention and to race the other dogs and show them all she is the fastest.

Like so many of our beardies Seren is a slow maturer, but at 5 years seems to have reached some level of maturity. It is not just her coat that needed time, but temperament-wise she seems permanently stuck at the juvenile stage.

Seren likes to climb onto things, it gives her something to do as well as provide a good vantage point, and easier access for people to give her a cuddle. She loves to eat and is not at all picky, anything you offer her she will gladly take and she will not miss an opportunity to pinch some food either! Though she definitely has a naughty streak she is incredibly sweet and loyal and enjoys all the attention she can get. Instead of lying on your lap like most the others like to do, Seren likes to stand on you, for very long periods too if you let her!



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