Braemoor's Catch My Joy

HD: A     ED Free     CEA Hereditary Clear




So very much like her mum in many ways but also completely her own person. Joleigh is on the one side an incredibly calm, sweet and gentle creature but flip the switch from cuddle mode to play mode and you've got a hairy blur with a toy attached zooming around and bouncing off the furniture.



Ch. Moonfellow Summerwind Catcher                                     HD: B1/ ED:0/ CEA/PRA Clear
Denters Whirlwinds Catch The Wind


Ch. Philemon Keen Kompetition HD:A
High Life Derae     HD:A
Philemon Sweet Lady Moonfellow


Ch. Philemon Observer         HD:A/ ED: Free
Ch. Moonhill Philemon's Dream   HD:A
Braemoor's Bound To Rejoice

HD: A/ CEA Clear

MultiCh. Ramsgrove Borkason

HD: A/ CEA Clear

MultiCh. Diotima Sea Wolf at Ramsgrove   HD: A / CEA Clear
Farmarens Essential For Ramsgrove       HD: 4:3
Ch. Bushblades Ready to Rejoice

HD: B/ CEA Clear

Ch. Gallus Macracker at Kyleca  HD: 5:6
Bushblades Out To Party            HD: 4:3/ CEA Clear