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Ch. Bushblades Ready to Rejoice
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There just don't seem to be the right words to describe her, as whatever I write will feel like I'm not doing her justice.

I could say she is the most beautiful, confident, happy, playful, intelligent, typical beardie I own, but I don't want to sell the others short, who are all wonderful beardies in their own right.

Joanne has simply been a dream come true. She is absolutely amazing, she lives life to the full but she always adapts to the situation she's in, leaving her energetic-flying-after-toys self for when she's home or on walks.

Joanne loves anything edible, and any-and-all toys, she also loves to swim. She rules over the other dogs and confidently defends her pack if we meet unfriendly dogs on walks, which luckily has only happened twice.

Joanne has given us three litters, and I'm pleased to say her lovely temperament is strong in her offspring as well. We have four of her kids ourselves and though that is more than we ever planned to keep, we don't regret keeping them, life is so much more fun with them in it.

Jo is now enjoying her retirement policing the toys and keeping her children, and the other dogs in check.



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