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Meet our latest case of 'he wasn't supposed to stay': Jay

I loved him as a little puppy, he was like a cuddly bear, he could lie on his back on your lap for ages and just be happy and content. He was also one of those pups who's default setting to anything new they encounter is: 'fun!' which make them so much fun to interact with and to take them out and about.

Jay was supposed to go to a lovely home in the UK, but on 15 February 2016 his bouncy antics on and off the furniture resulted in a broken femur when he got stuck with one leg whilst the rest of him bounced down. Jay was an absolute star at the vets while he was being poked and prodded and x-rays were made. Despite him being in obvious pain he was loving and affectionate to all the new people he met. On 16 February his fracture was fixed by the insertion of a metal pin through his bone, followed by 6 weeks of being seperated from the other dogs while only being allowed short walks on the lead. On 30 March new x-rays were made to check whether the fracture had healed and it had, so the pin was removed and Jay was back to being allowed to be a typical energetic beardie pup.

Jay is best friends with his big brother Jaqen, he just adores him and they play together a lot, he also loves his 'big' sister Jorja. Jay is still like a cuddly bear, only a lot bigger now! He loves people and attention and toys and basically everything life has to offer. 



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