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Ch. Braemoor's Party Trick

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Our 'knuffelbeer' was so determined to stay with us he broke his leg as a puppy to seal the deal. We were already enchanted by his wonderful temperament and after his accident and subsequent recuperation we just couldn't part with this delightful brown creature that had wormed his way into our hearts.

Like his mum Joanne he loves toys, especially anything ball-shaped, but really he isn't all that picky. His most favourite toy is whatever his big brother Jaqen has, and of course Jaqen being the soft touch that he is gives Jay whatever he wants.
Jay earned his nickname Knuffelbeer (cuddly bear) by being just that. He loves attention and he is convinced that when he hears someone say 'ahhh' that means they have spotted his cuteness and are in desperate need of a cuddle. Jay, being the generous and loving person that he is, of course happily provides those cuddles. Jay loves to climb onto people's laps and being the armful that he is, he'll happily squash people into chairs sharing his love.


Now I've expounded on some of Jay's more wonderful attributes, I simply have to mention the unfortunate state of his beard. Contrary to what you may think, the unsavoury mop of wet hair under his chin, which some would innocently refer to as 'beard', is not just dirty on occasion but rather is in a perpetual state of varying levels of grossness. Attempts to battle the foul odours wafting from the lower half of his face have not resulted in more than a temporary reprieve from the assault on our olfactory senses. The only thing that really thoroughly neutralises the biohazard that is Jay's beard are frequent walks on the beach. Never does Jay have such a delightfully kissable face as when we're on holiday by the seaside! 



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