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Ch. Babbacombe Olympic Bonfire
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Born 17 August 2004, Jarod is our currently oldest boy, he might be a senior, but he hasn't gotten that memo yet. In typical beardie fashion he is still a child at heart and in mind.

A delightfully happy & playful dog, Jarod is always happy to greet visitors, both of the human and canine variety. He loves balls of all sizes and you can't get him past a body of water (however muddy it is) without him having a swim.

Jarod is a keen gardener and will assist with anything from pulling out weeds to mowing the lawn!

Jarod has sired four litters, we are very proud of his offspring and we hope they will continue his legacy. Jarod's family is slowly expanding through his children: his daughter Georgie (Ch. Babbacombe Songbird) at Babbacombe kennel in Germany, daughter Heidi (Ch. Braemoor's Italian Sunrise) at kennel Philabeg in Italy, son Cliff (Braemoor's Cliffhanger at Bushblades) in the UK and his youngest son Jeffrey (Braemoor's Spitfire) in Sweden. It will be lovely to continue to see his children and grandchildren in the ring, and it is nice to see some of Jarod's looks and character traits so strongly present in them.



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