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James didn't stay with us originally but he came back to live with us permanently when he was about two years old.

James is a very obedient and focused dog who absolutely adores people, other dogs not so much. He can be a little intense, but he is mostly a sweet and easy-going dog. He's quite intelligent and likes a good mental challenge. He loves to work for food or a toy but to just follow commands is James' idea of heaven.

James has done well in the showring: on 18 June 2011 he gained his German Club and VDH championships at the age of 27 months while still in between coats. Shortly after on 9 July he gained his studbooknumber by going 3rd in a strong Limit dog class at East of England Champ Show. On 9 April 2012 he gained his Dutch title.

James has sired one litter from which we kept Seren.

James is currently clipped short, which takes some getting used to, but he thoroughly enjoys his summer hair-do.



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