Braemoor's Rising Sun

HD: A     CEA Hereditary Clear


 A quiet and unassuming girl, until someone tries to steal her food, or DikkieDik (the cat) makes an appearance.

Halo is one that doesn't push to the front and tries to take the spotlight, she'll wait her turn, whether it is in line for a cuddle or for a biscuit.

A keen gardener and swimmer, Halo is quite the athlete as she is a fast runner too and has a strong herding instinct, which she loves to practise on the cat!

Halo loves going out for a run or a walk together, but now she's nearing her 12th birthday she prefers the runs to be very slow. She has no problem doing long distances but she prefers to pace herself and enjoy the scenery rather than getting to the finish quicker.



Multi Ch. Babbacombe Olympic Bonfire
HD: A/ CEA Clear
Babbacombe Imagination

HD: Tc

Ch. Charncroft Caleb
Coalacre Intrigue
Babbacombe As Good As It Gets


Babbacombe Chequers    HD: Tc
Babbacombe Ommadawn
DtJgCh. Braemoor's Sugar Syrup
HD:A/ CEA Clear
Ch. Charncroft Cool Touch

HD: Tc

Ch. Sammara Soft Touch   HD: 1:5
Babbacombe Chloe at Charncroft
Full of the Dickens Broadway Baby

HD: A/CEA Clear

Ch. Seagull To Be Or Not To Be
Ghostbusters Gentle Star HD:A 



December 19, 2010: 7 months

April 4, 2011: almost 11 months  March 15, 2012

February 10, 2012  March 15, 2012

March 21, 2012

December 8, 2012  December 8, 2012