Braemoor's Fenne's Felicity

HD: A     ED Free     CEA Clear




Sweetness personified, this intelligent girl stole our hearts from the moment she was born. She has a lot of character traits we recognise from her maternal side, and it's great that generations on we can still clearly tell Joanne's influence in her.

Fliss loves to love, she likes to be around people and constantly get attention. She follows you around wherever you go and will jump on your lap if she sees the chance. She's one of the sweetest girls we have but also energetic and at times loud. In her gentle and unassuming way this intelligent girl knows just how to play to get her way. She'll have you inviting her onto your lap and sharing your food in no time!



MultiCh. Farmarens Florian Prinzkrona                                  HD: A/ CEA Clear
MultiCh. Diotima Sea Wolf at Ramsgrove

HD: A / CEA Clear

Ch. Gillaber Drummond JW     HD: 6:5
Ch. Natterjack Just Perfect For Diotima               HD:4:4
Ch. Farmarens Zweet Zamantha

HD: A/ ED Free

Ch. Farmarens Loyal Friend      HD: Free/ ED: Free
MultiCh. Farmarens Real Diamond HD: Free/ ED: Free
Ch. Braemoor's Simply an Angel


Ch. Highglade Arch Angel

HD: 3:3/ CEA Clear

Ch. Moonhill Does It In Style    HD: 7:5
Highglade Halo and Wings       HD: 3:3

Braemoor's Ready Made


Ch. Braemoor's Firecracker       HD: A/ CEA Clear
Ch. Bushblades Ready to Rejoice HD: B/ CEA Clear