Braemoor's Fenne's Felicity
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This intelligent little girl stole my heart from day 1. Her temperament and looks are so like her maternal side of the family, we see a lot of her mum Fenne in her but also grandma Jenna and great-grandma Joanne and other relatives from that side of the family, but we definitely see a lot of her dad in her too! She is quite a character, she likes to be the centre of attention and is subtle about accomplishing that goal. She follows you around where you go and likes to always stay close, in your lap if at all possible! She's gentle and sweet but also energetic and at times loud! In her gentle and unassuming ways this intelligent girl knows just how to play to get her way.

Fliss is just my type of girl and we are very happy with her. She is a joy to live with and a joy to look at, we look forward to finding out what the future has in store for this girl.



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