Braemoor's Caught My Fancy

HD: NX     ED NX     CEA Hereditary Clear




Life has not been the same since Fenix joined our gang. Her angelic face hides a scheming mind, while we're ooh-ing and aah-ing at her cute head-tilt she's plotting for world domination. Food isn't safe around her, and neither are your fingers when you hand her a treat or share your food with her.

For the first time ever our Christmas tree was in a puppy pen as little miss naughty-pants kept removing and disemboweling ornaments quicker than we could put them on. She also proved herself to be an expert at removing (and chewing up) Christmas lights from the tree. Even with the tree penned in a number of ornaments still perished in the jaws of our little destroyer.

You will notice a distinct lack of photos of our little menace, that is because most that we have of her just show an increasingly pale grey blur that is often halfway out of the frame.

She really is a lovely girl, happy and outgoing and unapologetically in your face.

Sadly Fenix developed AIHA halfway July '22, she's currently at the start of a long course of medication to try and get it under control. At the moment she is doing well and back to her happy bouncy self, and we hope she'll continue this way with no setbacks.



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